Don’t just invest in a product, invest in a process.
We help to pinpoint what products best suit your needs, build a process plan that will be the most profitable for your business and continue to serve you after the sale has been made.

Preventative Mainentance

To avoid downtime, we offer a number of preventative maintenance services

Equipment Repairs

Trust our team of knowledgeable technicians to do any equipment repairs

Genuine Parts

We will ship your parts to you, wherever you are


After receiving your order, our team of experts will be there to install your equipment in the best way possible to ensure all systems work accordingly.


ELV Select Equipment wants you to be completely satisfied with your new processes, employees must know how to properly operate equipment, to ensure the most efficient process possible.

After installation, our staff will take all equipment operators through a training session to help get passed the learning curve of a new procedure.